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Poster: Harry Wilson Date: Aug 6, 2014 3:23pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Embed player starting at certain time

Sorry, David, it looks like aliens ate my comment, or at least part of it, and left white space where the embed codes were. I guess the site thought that I was trying to embed a video in my comment, and for all I know, maybe that's what I actually was doing.

I'll assume that you know how to get the basic embed code, so I'll just include part of the code this time. The basic embed code for the movie that I used as my example includes this bit, at the end of the item's URL and beginning of the player info:

by_Night_1948" width=

Just add ?start=120 between the 1948 (end of the URL) and the quotation mark, so that it looks like this:

by_Night_1948?start=120" width=

I hope this makes sense; if not, let me know.

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Poster: Harry Wilson Date: Aug 6, 2014 5:22pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Embed player starting at certain time

A little more puttering, and I learned two interesting things:

1 - The ?start= morsel of code also works when emailing a link. Just copy and paste the URL into your email, add ?start=XXX to the end of the URL (replacing XXX with the number of seconds to the desired start point), and your friends will see the movie from the point that you specified.

2 - If you're a Windows XP user, and stuck with Internet Explorer 8, you probably noticed things stopped playing and you started getting error messages, beginning back in early 2014.

If you go to a movie's page in IE8, then add ?start=1 to the URL and hit 'Enter', the movie will play normally from the one second point, and you will be watching flicks in Internet Explorer 8 just like the old days. (Yes, I know, by now we've all either installed a second browser or 'downgraded' to Windows 7/8, but I still thought it was interesting.)